#AspiringShe Kiraan Thakur


#AspiringShe – Kiraan Thakur – Owner & Founder of Nanzaquat – The ethnic Jewellery Brand.

Our Top 100 Women Achievers from India.

About Nanzaquat – Nanzaquat offers a beautiful range of  Indian Tribal and Rustic collection of jewellery. A brand conceptualized by Kiraan Thakur, to spice up your Ethnic collection for the rustic Indian look  it is a world of fearlessly vibrant colors,intoxicating designs & enigmatic patterns in jewelry. All the designs are for all those seeking that exclusive Bold ethnic/gypsy Indian look.

About Kiraan Thakur – The Jewellery Designer at Nanzaquat. Very creative, down to earth, strong and inspirational personality.

What or who has been your motivation behind your Success?
Creativity is a part of my DNA , my mom is a very good seamstress, knitter and does beautiful Crochet. My grandmother was awarded by the Delhi Government for her sewing skills at the age of 98. So inspiration has been from my family all along. Success is the satisfaction derived after completing each piece of art.
How has your journey as an entrepreneur been?
My journey has been extremely interesting. What started off as a means to an end has shaped out to be a global business catering to clients from more than eighty countries. When I walked out of a bad marriage with two little boys I had very few options so I did what I had learned during my growing up years: designing. Embroidery was an art which fascinated me from an early age and sewing is something I had learnt during my college days. Combining these two skills was the recipe to a successful business. I offered free training to women from socially weak background who were keen in learning these skills and before I knew it I had trained close to 700 women. Empowering women who were uneducated and belonged to the weaker section gave me tremendous satisfaction and that is what I consider as my success.
Where do you see yourself five years from now!
I see myself empowering women in which ever way I can. Giving back to society more than what I have gained from it.
What you love to do when you have free time?
I love to read , so when I am not working I am either reading or playing with my fur babies. I also love to engage myself in different forms of art like painting, macrame and tatting lace.
Your message to our women aspirants?
Be creative. Be Focused and dedicated to whatever you do success would follow.


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