#AspiringShe Riddhi Doshi

#AspiringShe Riddhi Doshi Our Top 100 Women Achievers from India who are doing wonderful work!

25587069_226195737921277_6902735356394252601_oAbout Riddhi Doshi – She is certified Child Psychologist,  Inspirational Speaker at Tedx -CTAE
, Parenting Consultant, Founder LAJA, Founder Director Rhyns Academy Pvt Ltd,  Founder & Owner at MocktailGazebo. She has been awarded with National Award for Cultural Activities,  Young Entrepreneurs Award
, “Notable Network Award’ in Recognition of Outstanding Performance by BNI Infinite
Hastakshar #Self Made Divas Award, Awarded the Speaker Trophy at the Vvennus Club.

What or who has been your motivation behind your success?

My family, especially my father has been the motivation behind my success. My upbringing, especially my mother,   where there was no limit to ones achievements is my motivation. My husband and in-laws, who didn’t confine me to the house and let me spread my wings as wide as I could are my motivation.

The potential of the many women I meet is my motivation and the enthusiasm and encouragement that my team exudes is my motivation. I am ambitious by nature, but without the constant encouragement and push that all these individuals give me I would not have achieved this much.

How has been your journey so far as an entreprenuer? How easy or tough it’s been to achieve your goals!

What is a journey if there is no adventure? As with all ventures or business or initiatives I too have faced challenges and obstacles in my journey; but what made the difference is that I treated each obstacle and challenge as a pit stop in my race to reach my goals. This gave me time to refuel, refresh and reorganize myself and surge ahead with mostrength and determination.

Who is your role model in Life?

Like most girls I would say that my father, Ajay Doshi is my role model. However I would like to add that my mother  Nalini Doshi played an equally important role as a role model.

My father left a very promising job of GM with TATAs and started his own venture when he was at the peak of of his career. My mother Nalini Doshi too left her career to concentrate on the upbringing of her four daughters and made them independent and achievers.

Together these two molded, guided and encouraged me and made me who I am today.

Tell us something exclusive about yourself? What you love to do other than your work?

My work has never been ‘work’ for me. I actually love and enjoy doing what I do. So my true get away from life is my work. However having said that, I will add that I love nature and the outdoors! Trekking and nature walks are something I often do along with my husband and son. I am also quite drawn to languages and love learning or picking up phrases in different languages.

Your Inspiration in Life?

Every woman out there who succeeds at something despite all odds is my inspiration. To see women achieve success even if it is a small victor in-spite of family pressures, social framework, educational background or financial status is what inspires me. I have always believed in the power of women. We are born as multitalented multitaskers and we have the potential to do so much more. Unfortunately the very society that celebrates a Goddess stops a woman from following her dreams. So from this sludge of discouragement, when a woman rises to wear her crown of success I feel inspired.  

Where do you see yourself five years from now!?

I don’t plan to be a Mahatma, but I do plan to set the stage for an enriching and enlightened experience for women. My project is not just limited to empowering women Today; this is my work-in-progress towards opening women’s eyes and making them see their true selves. So five years from now I see myself as a proud mother watching over her children from all over the country find their feet and take steps towards liberation. Empowerment is a small word when you realize the kind of challenges that women face. The challenges change as the demographics, terrain, culture, society and backgrounds change; but the essence of a woman who can fight remains and that is what I aim to tap.

On a lighter are you a travel freak or lover if yes pl share your favorite destination and the reason you chose it!

Yes, I love to travel and enjoy time spent amidst nature with my family and friends. My favorite destination internationally is Switzerland with its beautiful snow covered Alps and green meadows. Closer home I love Ahmedabad as that’s where my roots are.

Your One Liner for All other Women Aspirants?

“Believe in yourself, because unless you do; no one else will!”

Your Message to our readers…

I personally believe that we are all equal. Each one of us has the talent, potential and capability to find our own paths and surge to success. What we lack is the conviction and self belief. Once we realize our own worth then the sky and beyond is the limit. So find that spark within you and don’t just be on the sidelines watching others pick up their laurels. Pull back your shoulders, take a deep breath and take that FIRST step towards a Successful and New You.

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