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#AspiringShe Khyati Vikani Bhatt

#AspiringShe: Our Top 100 Women Achievers from India – Khyati Vikani Bhatt, Wonderful person with strong Self -confidence.
About Khyati Vikani Bhatt : Professionally Khyati has trained for mastery in nonverbal communication with retired FBI special agent Joe Navarro who is a world-wide recognized expert in this subject. Khyati is also an expert of reading micro expressions certified by Paul Ekman, the scientist who spent his lifetime studying emotions and facial expressions. Her work and thoughts have been covered in respectable magazines and platforms like FirstPost, The Week, Entrepreneur media, GutShot etc. to name a few.  Khyati also conducts workshops for corporates on different applications of nonverbal communications. The very recent workshops include Body language for interviewers for the National heads at Panasonic, Nonverbal intelligence in the workplace at the Adani Defence group etc. Khyati consults corporates on bridging communication gaps within hierarchies and trains individuals and groups on effective body language displays. She imparts personal coaching services for improving personal impact exploring nonverbal strategies and has provided expertise to investors on right team to invest into, conducted interviews for senior managers, written scripts for corporate communication movies etc.
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What or who has been your motivation behind your success?
My husband has been my motivation ever since I got to know him,
seventeen years back. He has been there to back me up
unquestioningly in whatever I have wished to do in my life. Be it a
career choice or an investment into my venture. He is the one who had
shared that one random book on body language back in college days
more than a decade back which became a full time career choice for
me. He is also the one who asks me real tough questions, the ones
which have made me doubly sure of every step I take along the way
and have significantly contributed in the confidence I have in myself.
How has been your journey? How easy or tough it’s been to
achieve your goals!
Doing business is never a cake walk. Anyone who wants to be a
stand-alone entrepreneur necessarily has to learn to adopt a
multitude of skill sets. One either acquires them before starting out
on their own, or while they are on the job. But being good in just one
aspect or in technical know-how of your product or service cannot
make for a great leader. It has been a tough journey for me in the
beginning few years where it took me efforts to explain to potential
clients that the work we did was exclusive and beyond the usual
offerings in the market. I have had to demonstrate immense
patience, perseverance and investment but the efforts have been
worth it. I had planned it in a particular fashion when I began and I
made sure I followed that path. For example, one thing I wanted to
ensure is that if I wanted to be an expert, people should be able to
find me not only on my website but on multiple platforms and that’s
why I began by writing a lot on the subject in the very early days of
getting established. As visibility increased, I grew a team a member
at a time and started increasing our offerings. What we offer is
premium and to get to the right market has taken a lot of efforts. But
now getting business is relatively less challenging and slowly my
team has started getting experienced in differentiating each inquiry
and customizing our responses as per the requirement. I don’t need
to be personally involved in each conversion, which gives me time
and scope for further expansion. That being said, every time we
achieve a set target, I ensure that we, as a team, celebrate it
together so that the efforts of each contributing member are duly
recognized and we consciously acknowledge every milestone.
Who is your role model in Life?
Frankly, there is no single person I have looked up to. There are
qualities in people I cross paths which, which stick on. These people
can be the authors I read, or businessmen I meet or family members
whom I have observed from up close. The ability to read body
language of others gives me the power to be able to know each
individual’s strengths and weaknesses. But I learnt long back that it is
traits of people which are strong or weak, not people themselves
which is why I focus only on those. Even today, any and every person
I meet, I ensure that I take away atleast one thing from my meeting
which I can imbibe in either my ideas, thoughts or business so that
either can become one notch stronger.

Tell us something exclusive about yourself? What you love to do

other than your work?
Playing a sport, reading and writing are hobbies close to my heart.
After experimenting with a lot of sports, badminton is one which has
stuck on with me through the years. It’s a leisurely activity but I focus
on it just as much as my work when I am playing. Reading and
writing are activities where I don’t need a second person to be
around. I have read a lot of random subjects over the years. I also
love spending (endless) quality time with my husband. Which
essentially means all his hobbies have, over time, become mine as
well, be it watching movies randomly or listening to various moods
of poetry or discussing philosophical topics.
Your Inspiration in Life?
Once I was discussing with a client that were I given a choice
between fame and money, I would choose the former. My mom has
given me a name which I am now trying to live up to! My inspiration
has been, and continues to be, to make my mark in the world and to
do so by taking the road not taken.
Where do you see yourself five years from now?
I have given myself two years to become an international brand. There
are lots of plans in the next couple of years which includes launching
our e commerce classes in the approaching new year and my book the
year after that. Plus we are working on our products, the first of which
was launched this year. Nonverbal communication is not limited to
coaching and training workshops and we plan to explore the limits of
this subject. My idea is to set up a full-fledged psycho physiological lab
so that we can take up consulting to help the retail segment tap
non-verbals as well as take up investigative assignments.
Like every growing entrepreneur, I am ambitious. Whenever we
achieve an internally set goal, my eye is already on a goal which is two
steps further away. And that’s the way I would want it to be, even if we
achieve all that I have planned in the coming five years.
On a lighter note, Do you love travelling! which is your favorite destination and the reason you chose it!
Traveling to explore the world has always been on my bucket list.
Most people have travel companions whom they love to explore the
world with. For me it is my husband, and now my daughter. Our idea
of travel and the way to spend the holidays depends on the spot we
choose. There are times when we just go to a destination to lie down
and spend time with ourselves. These are usually journeys of inner
discoveries for me, and a way to spend quality time with those who
matter the most to me. Then there are those places where we roam
around in the local markets, trying to get flavor of the culture,
traditions and common customs. I am an explorer of human
behavior, and going places is one way to address my curiosity. As far
as a favorite goes, I think I am still looking for that perfect place!
There is so much more to explore that I would rather not want to
revisit the same place twice.
Your One Liner for All other Women Aspirants?
As a female who runs a household, a family and a successful
business, here is what I would want to share with women aspirants:
The journey requires a lot of multi-tasking and sharp focus but if you
have real passion for the work that you do, then milestones don’t
need to be achieved, they just happen to you!
Your Message to our readers…
A lot of us miss out the essence of how strong our non-verbals can
be. If one keeps his eyes open, there is a vast amount of information
that the person sitting across is sharing with you. The question is,
can you read his story?
Getting your first impressions right by dressing to impress is just the
beginning. Use of nonverbal strategies like where to conduct your
meeting, how to read your client in real time, when to intervene in a
conversation, how to ensure your branding speaks of you etc can
give you a definite advantage, be it in business or in your personal

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