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#AspiringShe : Kavita Kapoor, Our Top 100 Women Achievers from India ! She is an Access Consciousness practioner & facilitator, Tarot Counsellor, Aura reader and an Alternative healer! Our exclusive interview with her read on…

What or who has been your motivation behind your success?

There is not one person but a few who have encouraged and motivated me to be who I am today. Needless to say my own inner motivation to rise above my circumstances was like an intense desire in me. My son who was a baby then, my close friends and my ex who by leaving me gave me the determination to go beyond my limits.

How has been your journey? How easy or tough it’s been to achieve your goals!

There was a time when I was searching for something that would make me a happier person who would not get jealous of others’ joys. So I thought marriage would help me find that, but that shattered me further. My work in Media Sales was burdensome, lifeless and monotonous. Motherhood came in at a time when I myself required nurturing. I told my baby that we would learn to grow up together and to forgive me if I fail on my journey. I still am growing up with my 10 yr old son. We look more like brother sister than mother son. Life opened up with lot of healing modalities that I learnt especially Access Consciousness. Post which I won the title of Chitralekha Mrs. Gujarat 2016. Life has become more expansive and more fun since I started realizing my worth. I had become a solid dense rigid and reclusive person. Till an old friend found me and pulled me out of the drudgery of my life. A broken marriage had completely marred my confidence, self-worth and love for myself. Financially I was in pits, just about managing and surviving. Now my life is blossoming each day as I acknowledge my own presence.

Journey so far has been of ups and downs more in the emotional and mental realm. Because we mostly get defeated in our thoughts and mind games that we love to play. In those phases, it surely was not easy, many a times you feel like giving up or quitting the game of life. In fact, I was so disillusioned that I had no goals except the goal of being happy and creating an identity of my own. How was not known! There was no set path to accomplish my goal. Happiness is the biggest quest people are running behind. So was I. There was a time, I would end my day with tears and sometimes start my day with tears and keep talking to the universe to show me the way. I would talk to the moon, the stars, and the sky at night from my balcony, with the conviction that my time would change. Rather asking them to contribute to my life and change my life. The more I healed myself, the easier my life became. Thoughts, feelings and emotions make the journey tougher. Sans these, life is a free flow of experiences only.

Who is your role model in Life

There was a time when I wanted to become an actress but had no role model. Then I wanted to be a motivational speaker like Sister Shivani or Sadguru. Then I realized that I am different and I do not have to be like someone. I am my own role model. Coz I can’t follow or be like others beyond a point. For me my role model is all about BEING ME! The same question was asked in the elimination rounds of Chitralekha Mrs. Gujarat 2016. I said the same thing.

Tell us something exclusive about yourself? What you love to do other than your work?

Actually I don’t take my work as work. It is absolute fun and masti for me. I love doing what I do. I love to talk a lot and dance. Again that too becomes a part of my work! Exclusive in this case would be my writings, I write poems. I just love expressing myself and reaching out to the world.

Your Inspiration in Life?

Divine and his creation inspire me. Change inspires me. Seeing people shifting and transforming in their lives inspires me. Self-realisation inspires me. I seek inspiration from anything and everything.

Where do you see yourself five years from now!?

I see myself as a motivational speaker and a celebrity entertaining and inspiring and stirring up masses to change the way of living on the planet. Like an expert who’s opinions matter to change the perspective of living on this planet. Can’t pinpoint my exact designation as of now. A vision I had seen in my hypnotherapy class of addressing masses and spreading fun and joy all around!

On a lighter side are you a travel freak ! if yes pl share your admired destination and the reason you chose it!

I love traveling, though I haven’t travelled much so far. I would like to trot the globe and explore the whole planet. But if you are asking for one location then I would like to visit Prague in Czech Republic. I loved the movie Rockstar! It captured the natural beauty of this country and historically rich too.

Your One Liner for All other Women Aspirants?

Be true to yourself. Acknowledge that Being you is a gift to the world. Don’t ever lose yourself for others!

Your Message to our readers…

Purpose of life is to have fun! Be like a child who can have fun in any situation, anywhere. He doesn’t require money for that, no expensive toys, the kid can be joyful with himself. Everywhere you are waiting for something to happen post which you think you would be able to enjoy, pause a moment, start enjoying without being vested in the outcome and for all you know your big moment would just come around! Stop waiting for life to happen to you, you are life, you create it the way you wish to! Fun is just about loosening up and being spontaneous in life! Stop judging yourself!


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