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#AspiringShe Shradha A Salla


#AspiringShe Our Top 100 Women Achievers from India. Shradha A Salla, We got so inspired after knowing her life-inspirations, success story and her positive thinking.

About Shradha A Salla – She is highly respected tarot reader with a rare gift and proven track record in numerology. She has been practicing for a number of years, and has undergone extensive training from the most renowned names in the field and then evolved her own intuitive approach to the art, winning her a loyal clientele comprising of the who’s who from all fields, across India and even abroad. Shradha firmly believes that numerology is one of the most accurate sciences and gives her a direct insight to your energies, thereby guiding you towards a solution. She is also a qualified healer, and has extensively studied the power of the mind, energies and positive thinking. Shradha consults clients at her tastefully done up garden studio in Bandra West, and in just a few years has a client list of more than 10000 people with the most successful of industrialists, politicians, celebrities, film personalities and more calling on her for guidance.Besides writing for all the leading papers, Shradha also has done numerous shows on TV Says Shradha, “My USP lies in my extensive knowledge of the subject – both theoretical and practical. This coupled with my  intuitive connection with energies, passion towards my work in numerology & tarot and my 100% positive approach towards any given situation, is what clients tell me is the reason for their loyalty and faith, when it comes to offering guidance and solutions to any issue”.Additionally, Shradha is also a qualified Vastu practitioner and offers practical, modern day solutions to make houses, offices, plots, buildings, factories, institutions emanate the correct energies for the flow of health, wellbeing, wealth and happiness.. She suggests possible structural changes, energy enhancements in and around the surroundings, design solutions. and even vastu remedies according to persons date of birth and business partners.Shradha herself defies all norms when its comes to tarot & numerology pracitioners, a dimunitive yet glamourous, she is a package of positive energy and radiance herself. A mother to two children, Shradha is a modern day multitasking woman who enjoys the pleasures of living life at her terms, whom clients can easily identify and connect with. The world is Shradha Salla oyster, while she offers practical solutions via tarot, enery readings & numerlogy!


What or who has been your motivation behind your immense success ?

“Success is not just what you accomplish in your life, it is about what you inspire people to do” and thats my daily job, so when your passion becomes your work YOU motivate yourself . At any given time I myself am the biggest motivation behind my success. I know I have to be better today than what I was yesterday.
So each day each step each breath I take is enough motivation for me to move forward. Push yourself because no one else is going to do it for you. i look in the mirror and thats my biggest competition
How has been your journey so far ? How easy or tough has it been to achieve your goals!
She was on a journey that required her to be fierce” and that’s exactly what i did: multitasking each day , manifesting my future , practicing what i preach and always keeping a positive outlook has made may journey an Amazing interesting fascinating enlightening experience . i am a firm believer in my intuition and its like my magic wand , that’s where i found all may answers on my path. i don’t understand the word tough i replace it with finding a  solution : tough times never last but tough people do
You win some you lose some and of course there have been few pitfalls BUT you don’t look back  Just get up and keep walking !! :: Chin up Princess or the crown will slip!!!
 Who is your role model or who do you look upto in life ?
AARNA and SUNEHRA my daughters are my biggest role models: children learn as the play , most importantly in play children learn how to learn: its magical, their minds are pure, unbiased, nonjudgmental and they speak the truth , trust me on this spend a day with a child and you will get all your answers. They call a spade a spade, as adults we need to unlearn and go back to thinking like a child.
Tell us something exclusive about yourself? What you love to do other than your regular work. 
Food and travel: i run a very successful food company : “i love edamame” “ i love crepes” a passion turned into a business, and if Iam not eating or working… i travel
What made you choose numerology and tarot reading as your profession?
I didn’t choose the profession, it choose me: all i did was study a course on numerology at home, and then there was no looking back, one step lead to another , i listened to my inner voice,i kept learning i kept practicing and now 11 years down the line: my expertise lie in numerology, tarot and vastu consulting, life coaching, motivational speaking, quantum physics healing and training people on positive thinking and the power of the mind
Where do you see yourself five years from now?
“wherever you are be all there : every morning we are born again and what we do today matters the most! i honestly don’t where i see myself in 5 years from now, but one thing i do know, is that i grow daily!! so that’s good news for sure.
Your one liner for all other women aspirants
You’ve mastered the SELFIE now master YOURSELF  and then know your worth and  add tax !!! AND in case of emergency love yourself even more- I LOVE ME
Your message to our readers..
A small story – “people asked how i stay so positive after losing my legs- i simply ask how the stay so negative with theirs” Quoted by a man who lost both his legs in an accident.
If you believe in yourself anything is possible. Sometimes you win. Sometimes you learn. No one ever loses. It might not be easy , it will be worth it for sure. No one is you and that’s your power , The best way to predict your future is to create it . positivism is a superpower- manifest YOU !!

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