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#AspiringShe Rachna Mehra


#AspiringShe – Our Top 100 women achievers from India Rachna Mehra is an Inspiration for everyone! read on her exclusive interview –

About RACHNA MEHRA – Spiritual Stylist & Catalyst for change. Rachna Mehra, is a “Soul catalyst” attempting to not only withstand all the chaos but also have taken a step to heal others. Her penchant is to serve and inspire people. Honored with a Certificate of Science, A Master Instructor Theta Healing® from Theta Healing Institute of Knowledge, USA changed the voyage of her life. She is a graduate in Business communication from HL College of Commerce, Ahmedabad.

She has won many awards like- Achievers of India honored by Hon. President of India & Ministry of Women and Child Development India & Face Book in the Category of Healthcare & Wellness for Transforming Many Lives to Shift their Un-wanted Belief for better health and growth. Nurtured by the Vianna Stibal, a legend in Theta Healing®, She is now a certified instructor from Theta Institute of Knowledge, USA. She is also an active contributor for ‘Inner Voice’ column in Hindustan Times. Awarded by Ishma Mumbai for Par Excellence in Theta Healing, Women Rising Spirit Solitaire Elite awards. One of the greatest Achievements is being part of the Shoot by Google on Women’s Day- One Day I’LL. 2017 Exceptional Women of Excellence & Social Leader of the year.

rachna 2017dec

Who or what has been your motivation behind your success?

Spirituality has always been in my roots. My foundation was laid by my ancestors and grows stronger with the wonderful people around me today and I am so very grateful for it. My grand father was my first my real motivation, he taught me to be a good listener. My Dad-in-law is a living example of how to focus wisely, have a strong will power and be patient. My Backbone is my better half who has helped me achieve my purpose and lastly my mentor Vianna Stibal, my source of knowledge

How has been your journey. How easy or tough has it been to achieve your goals

I strongly believe time plays a pivotal role in the journey of life. I was married at an early age of 19. Days passed being a promising daughter in law, wife & mother. My family ensured I complete my graduation while I continued to manage my household responsibilities (most of the time was quiet rewarding:)). A decade later, I had a calling- I realized how much my own beliefs were limiting my personal growth and success.That realization was a huge turning point for me. It was the moment when I began to understand that I’d only be able to change my life once I’d changed my beliefs. I took upon Reiki and then Theta healing- trained and educated myself to become a Mom to ‘mompreneur’ and here  I am – a successful Master Instructor & Certificate of Science Theta Healing,Honored by the President of the India & Ministry of Women & Child Development of India as one among 100 Women Achievers of India and Honored with accolades in transforming many lives through 3E program of Education Experience Enlightenment! In this journey called life I made a conscious decision to work on simple power principle: You can always be more, have more and do more because you can always learn more

Who is your role model in your life

Vianna Stibal, my mentor is my role mode. I am in awe of the divine source, to be able to be connected with the awesome & simple application of modern technology -Theta Healing which Vianna has empowered me with.

Tell us something exclusive about yourself, what you love to do other than your work?

I like to call myself a spiritual stylist. My work helps me style my spirit and soul and also helps me empower others, outside of work, I am passionate about styling the rest of myself. How you feel within must reflect on how you feel outside! I have a keen eye for fashion and style and enjoy spending my days designing and styling my clothes, a little shopping never hurts 🙂

Your inspiration in life

My two girls are my true inspiration. I see myself in them. Its wonderful to see how they have grown up, teaching me new life experiences, virtues of kindness, compassion and to be refrain from superficial experiences. Its like growing up again with them and its a great feeling to learn and get upto speed with the new generation!

Where do you see yourself five years from now

5 years is a long time. I have a job to do- to touch many more lives, empower many more woman and spread smiles and world peace. I will continue my mission to help empower as many people as I can along the way and help spread the love for Theta healing and to help build a peaceful and better world around me. I aspire to be the lead Theta practitioner in India, known for her skill and inspiring work!

Do you love traveling? Which is your most admired destination!

I’d pick travel freak- hands down! I love all my travel experiences though a recent one that brought me joy and peace was the mesmerizing Alaskan Cruise. My love for nature, sailing through the calm and beautiful waters, so close to trees and mountains and breathing fresh air helped me connect with all my blessings and empowered me to do more!


Your one liner for other woman aspirants

Learn Learn Learn! You are empowering & age is no bar.

Your message to our readers

Change brings opportunity!

What would you do if you wanted to become a professional tennis player or world-class artist? Wouldn’t you learn the skill and then practice? In a similar way, you can LEARN to play the game of Life.. and Win!

It’s time to blend ancient wisdom and modern science. They are timeless and limitless, so it’s never, ever “too late” or “too soon.

What ever you want to do, do it now.

What ever you want to be, be it now.

What ever you want to have, have it now.

Practice and commit to being happy now as practice and commitment makes permanence.



About Theta Healing®:

Theta Healing® is an intuitive and simple reconnection with the unconditional love present in each one of us. Theta Healing® Technique combines the awareness of metaphysics and quantum physics through the use of an Road Map, A Simple Modern technology a meditation to lower the brainwaves to theta in seconds. Participants can witness healing, change beliefs quickly on four complete levels of the brain, amazing techniques that will make you amazed at how fast you can connect with your own intuitive abilities at a deeper level through Divine Intelligence and empower yourself. A small shift in the mind that makes that big difference. Changes that are long term.

Theta Healing® technique is now a world-wide healing modality founded by Vianna Stibal, medical intuitive and naturopath, who healed her own self of journey back to good health in seconds in 1995 through the Energy-of-All-That-Is.

It is easy and available to everyone; the negatives like envy jealousy and self-defeating depressions are unknotted from the psyche and you learn to stand whole again. Naturally this means your stress levels dive and you are able to get into better decision making as well as better relationships with the world and yourself. An easy way to connect deep within where a practitioner connects deep within mentally physical, emotional & spiritual healing.  Theta Healing® is a supplement of medical aid but not its substitute.


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