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#AspiringShe Dr. Prerna Taneja

#AspiringShe Dr. Prerna Taneja – Our Top 100 Women Achievers from India! very positive, enusiast and with inspirational ideas. 13124685_153885321680430_2497393587487122113_n

About Dr. Prerna Taneja : She is an Oral Cancer specialist by profession with over 15+ yrs of experience and an entrepreneur at heart!  CEO at Clinic Eximus, Co- chair YII-CII YUVA, Co- founder at Global Women Network, Co -founder Global Women Foundation an initiative” by women for women” to help women entrepreneurs and professionals to be rise above individual limitations! Co- Creator at Tipping Point 1.0, a unique pitch competition for women entrepreneurs and many more..

What or who has been your motivation behind your success?

Every woman is a motivation for me. Women are   multitaskers ,champions  in each and every role they are assigned to, inspite of that they do not enjoy equal rights, this was motivation enough for me to work in the sphere of women empowerment.

How has been your journey? How easy or tough it’s been to achieve your goals!

Life has been kind and my journey has been enriching enough. After finishing my Masters from the prestigious college of Manipal, i was under the impression that life is sorted. But having a skill set has nothing to run a successful enterprise, there are other skill sets needed.

So, it has been a learning curve, not only adding skills to my core domain of dentistry ,medical cosmetology, LASERS  but also entrepreneurship.
Who is your role model in Life?

Indira gandhi and Mother Teresa are my role models. Both of them are on the two ends of the spectrum, from power to humility and compassion. it just gives you an idea what women can aspire to do in each and every field.

Tell us something exclusive about yourself? What you love to do other than your work?

In addition to handling my new venture “Clinic Eximus” that enhances life through expert care  in domains of Skin, Dental, Hair and Plastic Surgery. I invest my time in promoting women entrepreneurship through trainings and  mentoring through Global Women Network  and Tipping Point. I also try to help the weaker sections of the society with improved healthcare through my initiative “Ahamsa”
Your Inspiration in Life?

Life itself is the biggest inspiration for me
Where do you see yourself five years from now?

Five years from now, i see myself  as one of the top women entrepreneurs of India.

Do you love to travel? which is your mosr cherished destination  and the reason you chose it!

I’m totally a travel freak, my favorite destination is Kerala backwaters. I am mesmerized by the beauty of nature and completely in awe o f how selflessly it gives us everything!

Related imagePhoto Source : http://www.aumtours.com

Your One Liner for All other Women Aspirants?

“ Never  give up on yourself.”

Your Message to our readers…

Life is what you make out of it, it’s completely your choice to sit and complain or get up and pursue your dreams.



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