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#AspiringShe Dr. Manisha Vaja

We are so pleased to have Dr. Manisha Vaja – Founder- herexpertise.com  in our Top 100 #AspringShe Women Achievers list! Wonderful thoughts and indeed great efforts to empower educated women!

About Dr. Manisha Vaja : She is the Founder at Herexpertise.com A unique online portal i about promoting women entrepreneurship & women empowerment. It provides platform for showcasing expertise skills, exchanging ideas, getting experienced advice & empowering women with knowledge. She is also Managing Director Ayuradvice.com and Mentor at GUSEC
How have you started off have decided to Start off with 
Herexpertise.com what is the  whole idea behind this initiative? 
It was never a plan being a complete nontechno person like me but I have noticed quite many times that there are women , who are exceptional & being a change within their own limits but most of us would remain unaware of their expertise. And there should be a unique platform where these unsung inspirational divas get fair chance to let the people know about their expertise, their stories, journey and their passion. And that thought motivated me to start an online portal in 2015.
What or Who has been your motivation behind your Success?

I can say firstly, Thank you for calling my efforts, a Success. Well, Gender inequality status of women around me and the mindset of society for women played a huge role pushing me to do things which I am doing right now.

How has been your journey? How easy or tough it’s been to achieve your goals!

Well, till now it’s like the roller coaster ride. There were many incidences which I felt like quitting. I lost the every hope. But there is something which inspired me not to give up. May be the thought that if I won’t who will then. even there came situations where I felt overwhelmed with the unpredictable responses and admiration I got. The total Journey till now in this particular field is like a Bollywood movie with full of drama, entertainment, sadness, anger, frustration and happiness of course.

Who is your role model in life?

Hmmm…. This I have never confessed before as I never have asked this before. There was tuition teacher of mine Vrundaben, by whom I was fascinated. I always wanted to be like her. But I am very tiny one infront of her where I can only think of trying hard to be like her. And though being so much inspired by her, I have never expressed my feeling or gratitude to her.

Tell us something exclusive about yourself? What you love to do other than your work?

Other than being moody, bossy, possessive over emotional one thing which is exclusive about me (What I think) is I believe in making a change. No matter what it takes.

Your inspiration in life?

Women around me, everytime I find the dose of my inspiration from the most unexpected her.

Where do you see yourself five years from now?

I don’t want to reach to any destination. I would like to make my journey more meaningful.

On a lighter side do you love traveling!  which is your most cherished destination!

I would love to travel but I would not consider myself a travel freak as I hardly get time or you can say motivation to indulge myself in this luxury. But yh I always plan it in my mind which never turns into reality. Any costal area may be an island where I can spend time with self.

Your one Liner for all other Women Aspirants?

Don’t wait for the perfect time just make it the one.

What would be your message to our readers! 

If I am not wrong, this would be read by both him/her, right!! So, I would like to tell them to be little bit sensitive. Let’s not criticize others for everything. And try to help them in any way, you feel comfortable in at-least don’t demoralize them. We never know after how many efforts one has reached to the point where he/she feels worth taking his/her stand.

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