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#AspiringShe – Yashmeen Chauhan – The Iron Woman Of India !

#AspiringShe is All about honoring applauding the undying spirits of women achievers who have achieved what they have dreamt of and are still aspiring high! It was amazing to have interacted with Yashmeen Chauhan! She is a wonderful person, genuine soul and admirer of great work!


About Yashmeen Chauhan : Born on 21st March, 1979, in the city of Delhi, Yashmeen overcame the turmoils of a troubled childhood and went on with her unstoppable zest to have an amazing body she has today. She is the ‘Iron Woman Of India’ and Winner of Many awards & medals, to mention few:

#IFBB Ms. Asia Body Building Champion (Bronze Medal)
# IBBFF Ms. India Double Gold Winner
# First Runner Up at The Body Power India Expo “Fit Factor” 2015
# Certified Personal Trainer from American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM)
# An Aerobics Instructor Certified by Reebok Instructors Alliance India(Affiliated to Reebok University, USA)
# Best Body award winner of Gladrags Mrs. India 2005
# India’s First Female Neulife Cellucor Athlete
# Strength & Figure Athlete
# IKFF Certified Kettlebell teacher


How would you like to define your journey to become ‘Iron Woman Of India’ ?

It has not been easy ! As i say ‘My Body is Not a Gift to Me I have earned it’! Most of the people I meet in my profession believe that I was born with the body I live in today. Unfortunately, I was not like what I am today. I was brought up by my grandfather, a retired colonel and pampered by my loving grandmother. I suffered from typhoid when I was in 7th grade. The ailment got detected late and doctors had to give steroids to revive me. As a side effect, I lost most of my hair, got severe acne and started to put on weight. Mine was a joint family. My cousin sisters were thin and pretty. Social life became hell for me. At school or at home, everybody used to tease me for being fat and having a face full of acne. Well, I thought my face and the acne is something I cannot do much about, but my body is up to me how I want to shape it. While in school it was impossible for me to be consistent with my exercise. During that time there were hardly any gyms. Still I used to try to do something or the other by reading or watching here and there but with no results. I made the same mistakes which most of the people make even today like skipping breakfast, eating only two meals, etc. There was nobody to guide me right.

Once I was out of school, I joined a local gym, worked out hard like crazy, felt better but did not lose much. The reason was no proper guidance. In my quest of obtaining knowledge, I enrolled myself for a basic Aerobics course with Reebok. I received my certification for an Aerobics trainer but I did not restrict myself. I kept on reading, studying, enrolled myself with advanced courses on exercise prescription, nutrition, various exercise methods, kept on attending national and international seminars and workshops, experimented with my knowledge first on myself and then on my deserving clients and here I am today. I have struggled to achieve a fit body. It’s not a gift to me. I have earned it !!

Who has been your inspiration life ?

I cannot name anyone but would say it was my very own ‘circumstances’ that played major role in making me what i am today! followed by my passion, determination and zeal to do something!

What would be your appeal or message to Government of India?

I would definitely say that there is so much Talent In Indian Women. Specially with time athletics has become very interesting choice for them, more and more women are opting for it but there is not much support and recognition from our government. There many medals and awards which our sports women win but they go just unmentioned! I would say there should be strong support system from government of India as this entire process would at the end make healthy and fit India which we must aspire for!

Which sport/s would you select of your choice that should be given priority in Indian Scenario?

If I have to say one the it will be wrestling ! I see a lot of women doing wonderful in that arena and we have so much more talent to be sculpted. Sakhshi Malik is one such example, she has done so well for our nation! we must encourage this.

You have so far achieved so much in life, where do you see yourself 5 years from now!

I think there is so much to achieve in life still! I would definitely like to work on my own NGO and Sculpt Gym for women who come from not so privileged background but have desire for fitness, sports body-building. I would like to support them, train them and make them rise high in life. Also I would be participating in International championships and working on to win!

Tell us something exclusive about yourself? what you love to do when not engrossed in fitness regime?

Well, I would say i love biking, i love to Paint do creative art-work and explore new places! Whenever i find time i love to travel!

Which is your most admired destination to travel?

It’s Bali, Indonesia I fell in love with that place after spending two weeks there. We would surely be going there quite often now as its so mesmerizing. It’s  wonderful, it’s superb and very beautiful.


What would be your message to our women aspirants !

I would say only one thing to all – “Women Should Help Women, they Should Feel Happy To See Other Woman Happy” !

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