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#AspiringShe – The Artist Sangeeta Babani

Our Online campaign #AspiringShe has selected The Artist Sangeeta Babani as one of the Top 100 women achievers in India ! It was wonderful to know the other beautiful side of an Artist! She is so amazingly talented and an Inspiration in Herself! ..I felt so motivated and positive after interviewing her !2016-02-17 23.24.21

About Sangeeta Babani#AspiringShe: She is the first artist selected by Tata Motors to transform The Nano car into an iconic work of art; known globally as : Art in Motion. She has held numerous exhibitions in India and abroad. Sangeeta Babani, was born and bought up in Spain and settled in Mumbai, India after her marriage. Rich heritage of Spanish art & culture and immense cultural diversity of India are hence naturally ingrained in her and have influenced her immensely. Her paintings comprises of various subjects, though love and woman are her favorites. Sangeeta veers from figurative semi-abstract depiction to abstraction as the mood takes her.

What or Who has been your motivation behind your Success?

Motivation is a fire from within, if someone else tries to light that fire, chances are it will burn very briefly. I have been very passionate about my work and about being innovative. The other factor is Appreciation, when someone appreciates what you’re doing, it motivates a lot, It means you are contributing to something meaningful.

How has been your journey as a painter ? How easy or tough its been to achieve your goals?

I was painting for quite a while before I could start defining what my personal style was and try all sorts of mediums and techniques before I finally realised I did have a Painting style. Experimentation was the second step. Our greatest weakness lies in giving up, the most certain way to succeed is to try just one more time. I never gave up.
Who is your role model in Life?

As a teenager I Met Mr Dev Anand and i feel he influenced me a lot, I learnt from him to live life fully and he had amazing passion for his work, every thought revolved around his work. He did become my role model.
Tell us something exclusive about yourself! What you love to do other than Painting?

Love to keep fit by doing Yoga, eating healthy, going to Spas and I like to watch Plays. 

Your Inspiration In life?

I mostly find myself inspired by my own experiences. When coming up with an idea for a painting or design, I tend to look at the world around me and really feel involved with the people and my surroundings.

Where do you see yourself five years from now?

The way I see ahead of now is not something I often think about. The truth, it scares me a little too..A vision I have is of being well known artist world-wide and to be able to do some amount of charity work.

On a lighter side ! Are you a travel freak? Which is your favorite destination and Why?

My love for travel and fondness of different cuisines across the world makes me travel to exotic places. The favorite city is Paris, the city of Love & Art!Your One Liner to all other Women Aspirants?
Setting Goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible.
Your message to our readers!
Love yourself and everyone and everything will reflect that love back to you.

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