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#AspiringShe – Mona Shroff Redefining Excellence !

#AspiringShe - Top 100 Women Achievers From India - Mona Shroff Globally Acclaimed Jewellery Designer!

We are So Motivated and Inspired to Share Our Campaign Winners of #AspiringShe – Mona Shroff – International Jewellery Designer – Our Top 100 Women Achievers from India who are doing wonders and are real Inspiration for others!

In a tete-a-tete with Mona Shroff, Artsy Style Traveler – Saumyata Tiwari uncovers the woman behind the successful entrepreneur, her passions, her driving forces, her idols, her professional tryst with Jewelry designing as a career, the challenges she faced, how those challenges tend to augment for a woman and her two cents for budding women entrepreneurs around the world.  Read on..  Mona-Shroff-1

What Inspires and motivates you in Life other than your work?

Motivation is within us , and it comes from being positive and happy in everything we do and think.  Life is beautiful , enjoy it and never hurt anybody. Life has its ups and downs , but it’s up to us how we look at the problem and solve it. As no problem is a lifetime.


Was there a decisive moment/period of your reckoning that got you in the domain of Jewelry designing or was it a carefully made career choice which you deliberately and gradually worked upon?

I am a Textile Designer passed in scholarship and was working at Garden Silk in Mumbai , until I moved to Hongkong and started designing for brands like Selfridges (London), Gallerie LaFayette ( Paris) and 28 department stores in UAE . I designed their full Accessory collection for 18 years until I launched my own label in 2011. At one point I was dealing with 150 factories all over the world , and it was exciting plus taxing . It has been a challenging but satisfying journey in the fashion world . 

What was the biggest turning point/milestone that propelled your professional growth?

I am still waiting for the Biggest milestone to find a Franchise Buyer which will make it easier to open Mona Shroff Jewellery stores all over. There are a few turning points until now :

  • 2011 –  My Jewellery was listed in  inflight Jet International Airways.
  • 2012 –   Lakme Fashion Show.
  • 2015 – Fashion show in Fiji .
  • 2016 – Fashion show in Dubai .
  • 2016- My Jewellery was worn at the Oscars Red Carpet.
  • 2016- Hollywood celebrities wearing my Jewellery at all major Red Carpet events.
  • 2017 – My Jewellery was worn at the Grammys and Latino Grammys Red Carpet.
  • 2017 – My Opening fashion show at India intimate Fashion Show was called the Victoria Secret show of India.

3.What are the beliefs/convictions which drive you and which you draw your strength from?
My strength comes from my GYM. It is my driving force , a place which takes all my negativity and frustrations but gives me Positivity , Confidence and Strength. It is my Best Friend who is a Giver and Never asked anything in return . It is a place where I have time for myself to think in peace and decide on my upcoming ventures and collections.  

Who would possibly be the one or two personalities (in public space) you idolize?

I Idolize every woman , who has carved a Niche  in her professional field ,  faced every hurdle , fought her  battle and made a name for herself. For me they are the True Heroes in REAL life .

We have come to understand that a sizeable proportion of your professional success comes from International markets. How far is this true? What are your immediate & long-term plans/goals for India Besides the much talked about Secret Range?

To enter an International market is extremely difficult as One dosen’t have any God Father’s there. Your products do the talking for you and only if your Jewellery is exclusive and unique , you have a standing in a very competitive  International platform. It is true that most of my success is from Hollywood celebrities wearing my pieces either on the Cover / Centre page shoots or the Red Carpet events. A designer’s credibility is definitely connected with their standing in an International fashion industry.

My plans for India is to find a franchise buyer , as it is easy for me to expand. My manufacturing factories are in Italy and Brazil , which makes it difficult for me  to live in India for a long period of time and manage the stores on my own.


You have travelled the world extensively which is that one destination you love to visit quite often and why!

My favourite destination is Italy. It is one country that is so rich in architecture, history , fashion and creativity. The designing , styling ,and use of unique fabrics and materials is simply fantastic. I love the way how everyone is soo fashion conscious , and is impeccably dressed. The colour combinations they use to  style themselves and the children are jaw dropping. I am spellbound at their mix and match combinations and the way they carry themselves with confidence.

What would constitute your most significant pieces of advice to upcoming Jewelry Designers in India and to women entrepreneurs in general?

My advice to the upcoming Jewellery designers is to concentrate on Finishing and plating. India lacks finishing which is the main drawback , and the most important in any field of fashion. Deliveries should be on time which is the main criteria of a serious and dedicated designer . Be Creative..as it has no boundaries.

Your One liner quote for all of our readers !

Quote of my brand – LESS IS MORE ! DIFFERENT IS ME !

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   Mona Shroff Jewellery Opening Show at IIFW 2017




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