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#AspiringShe – Interesting Conversation With Ms. Jigna Shah – Reve Fashions!

Candid Chat With Jigna Shah - Founder Reve Fashions! #AspiringShe

I recently got the chance to interact with  Ms. Jigna Shah – Founder of Reve Fashions while discussing about our recent online campaign #AspiringShe! She sounded so positive and motivated with our ideas and appreciated the initiative of hailing the spirit of women professionals & entrepreneurs! I am so excited to share her journey as women entrepreneur with all of you! My candid chat with Jigna Shah:


Jigna Shah is a Fashion Graduate from NIFT and is constantly working on innovations, improvisations in connecting Old, Rich Textiles with contemporary styling. Jigna has won many accolades for her work including the Udgam Women Achievers’ Award 2014 in Business Category. Her Label : Reve Fashions is one of the top high-end clothing brand in Gujarat with its own flagship stores in Ahmedabad & Mumbai.


How you started off your label – Reve Fashions ?

Creativity has always been within me ! I have always been very observant and creative towards everything i see around! Which is why i was so keen to get into the field of Fashion Designing and i did after completing my graduation i  started my own small boutique shop which gave me encouragement to do masters from NIFT Ahmedabad! After that I decided to start my own label and named it REVE -FASHIONS. It was way back in 1992.

How has been the journey so far?

Its been wonderful with lot of dark/ light and beautiful moments of pride, struggle and hard-work! But for me what worked was the focus in my mind that has made me to reach to this level!

How do you find Fashion Designing as an Industry?

Fashion Designing is very interesting yet challenging field as it keeps on changing variably ! So you have to keep yourself abreast with latest trends and designs and inculcate them in your collection! For me i have always been very clear on my buyers segment and who do i design for! Fashion Designing Industry in India is wonderful association and we all admire each other though there are times when you get to struggle as well but its your very own talent and quality work that pays you off in long run!

What has been your motivation in life?

I always wanted to lead a professional life which  can give me numerous chances to travel, meet new people and gain new experiences from all around the globe. So yes my work and its various experiences keep me motivated.

What has been your Professional Achievements so far :- If you have to mention few?

Sure .. I would say .. It was my honor to receive Most Prestigious “Udgam Women’s Achievers” AWARD in Business Category 2014 – , “Business Standard” Award as Entrepreneur  of the year in 2004 . I am also associated with Most  acclaimed Institutes of India E.D.I , NIFT & Nirma – Mrs.Menaka Gandhi (Chairperson of the biggest N.G.O of Asia PFA-People for Animal, for her most prestigious concept “AHIMSA  SILK”

I had the chance to work with Mrs.Anar Patel (daughter of Gujarat C.M-Mrs.Anandiben Patel), adopting few villages of Gujarat,& giving employment to women  Artisans…. I am also member of 1 of the 12 Most acclaimed & affluent Penalists of SHAWS committee (Sexual  Harassment of Women at Work Place) by Emergency Help line for Women 1091. .. I am So glad to share that i have been appointed as the JURY at World-class Intitute NIFT for Final admission test!

Where do you see yourself 5 years from now!?

I have a lot of ideas and things in pipeline and i wish everything would work out for us! One is Adopting Gujarat villages & share their art & talent and market it, helping them  generating money for better livelihood. Giving 20 years rich experience of knowledge in Fashion Industry by the way of workshops. Giving platform to graduating students, in terms of mentoring them in various projects. Contributing to the deprived off sections of Society generating them funds by organizing events like Fashion Shows & other such events for social cause.

Since ours is a travel fashion & lifestyle Blog what your top destination to travel and why!

I love traveling , Trekking and going to off-beat place – For me Its India – To be very Specific its Leh and Kargil where i went recently! The surpass trek was mesmerizing . I personally felt blessed to be able to reach to Kargil, interact with Army Jawans and it was mind-blowing to know about their lives and how they manage to survive there for years! For me its the most beautiful and life-changing experience !


Your Message to All Women Professionals and Entrepreneurs !

I would Say ”Live your dream day and night and focus on that ! YOu would achieve it if you can dream it!”

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