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Our Favorite Travel Clothes Ever By Huffingtonpost

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Though style is very subjective matter but we have tried to combine style, comfort and look & feel of your travel attires :
So here are the picks:
  1. Lululemon Vinyasa Scarf. The scarf is extremely soft and can be worn lots of different ways. Snaps at both ends of the scarf facilitate multiple styling possibilities. Watch Lululemon’s YouTube tutorial to see all the different ways to wear this product. (It’s a shirt! It’s a shrug! It’s a hood!) Seriously, it’s awesome; check it out. Better yet, the scarf dries really fast, so it’s a great candidate for sink washing. Price: $48.
  2. J.Crew Curator PantThis one’s my pick. I included the fluid, drapey J.Crew Curator Pant in my list of Travel Clothes You Can Wear Anywhere for good reason: These are my all-time favorite travel pants. They never wrinkle, they’re lightweight and machine washable, and they’re as comfortable as sleepwear yet as chic as a tailored trouser. Price: $128.
  3. Vans Classic Slip-OnCopy Editor Julianne Lowell always travels with “some form of the Vans Classic Slip-On.” The original canvas slip-on shoe is effortlessly stylish and well suited for easy removal in the airport-security line. The grippy rubber sole and soft, padded sides scored the hearts of skateboarders and BMX riders in the 1970s. If they’re good enough for the skate park, they’re good enough for hours-long walks on city streets, for sure. You can march for miles in a broken-in pair of Vans slip-ons with nary a blister. And at less than $50 per pair (depending on color and style), the price is terrific.A Shirt That Doesn’t StinkPlanning on skipping the shower for a while? No judgment here, but if you’re going to sit next to me on a plane, I’d prefer that you’d at least be dressed in Icebreaker’s Bodyfit line of merino wool hiking wear, available for men and women. (Shirts start at $55.) The shirts, constructed of several breathable layers, are odor-resistant. This doesn’t mean you can forgo washing forever and expect to smell like a spring morning. But if you’re faced with a string of long flights and stopovers or embarking on a camping or hiking expedition, an Icebreaker shirt is a good bet
  4. A Jacket That Turns Into a Travel PillowThis is one of two Exofficio products that made it onto our list: an ingenious travel jacket with a split personality—it doubles as a travel neck pillow. The Storm Logic jacket is a decent piece of apparel to begin with. It’s quick-drying and windproof, and it has plenty of pockets. But roll the puffy garment into its special built-in sac and—presto! —it’s now a neck pillow. The jacket is available for men or women, and, at time of publication, is selling for $99.91 on the Exofficio website.You can explore entire article on :

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