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Heritage Stay Series in India – Castle Bijapur

Here comes the second heritage stay options from our series in India ….

          ”Bassi – Castle Bijapur” – Heritage Resort Near Chhitorgarh, Rajasthan India

                                                Tranquil Serene with  full of Solitude..

Beautiful Heritage Haveli converted into luxury resort at small village of Bassi near Chittorgarh in Rajasthan, India.



Built in the 16th century this Castle has fortified walls reconstructed in 1991. The hospitality is more like a ‘HOME’ where people can come and experience Indian Rajputana Traditions & its various flavors.

Image result for castle bijaipur chittorgarh


The resort offer lot of engaging activities like Yoga, Meditation, Indian Cooking classes and its cultural evenings are wonderful they are followed by dinner on the lawn or in the old courtyard….Count the stars as the come to join you one by one, twinkling in a sky unpolluted by city lights. Traditional Indian music and dancing fills the garden.

The intoxicating scent of ‘Queen of the Night’ flowers is soon replaced by the alluring aroma of supper being served…



Must go for all who love heritage stay options in India and prefer to explore something new!! Book your stay on Or on




  1. It looks a place of perfect beauty, and even more precious because of the many activites that allow the traveler to get in touch with the local culture. A very nice post/place

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  2. So much things to see in India, and such a big country! It’s hard to choose what to see, and to make a selection on what to skip, because you can’t visit all at once… I’m definitely putting this one on my list next time I go! Thanx for the tip 🙂

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