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Heritage Stay Series in India

Heritage Stay Options India ...

Udaipur – The City Of Lakes

In our first heritage city stay series we picked up Udaipur for its indefinite beauty and serene locations!


Like many of its other charms Udaipur offers ample options of heritage stays! After our frequent travel & leisure trips to the ‘City Of Lakes’ we have picked up some really awesome places to spend wonderful time: This post shares wonderful Heritage Luxury Stay at one the most charming hotels in Uadipur!

Experience Ultimate Luxury at ‘Raas by Devi Garh’ – Surrounded by beautiful Aravalli hills and greenery gives you total serene atmosphere! It melds luxury, beauty and ambience so well! Go for its location, service and facilities. Plan out your ‘celebrations’ here!

Image result for devigarh raas images

Image result for devigarh raas images

The Stay Options at Devigarh Offers variety of suites to meet your expectations and give you relaxed time and ambience to unwind and lounge in!Owning to its superb location on top of the Aravali hill you can enjoy unmatched view of mountain ranges and Dilwara Temple.  It’s a Palace converted hotel so you can imagine the historical strcutures, and the rich architecture behind this unique hotel built in 1760!

Overall its a wonderful stay option, celebration venue for friends, families and couples!

5 out of 5 ratings ! From our side!!

Image result for devigarh raas images

Image result for devigarh raas imagesImage result for devigarh raas imagesImage Courtsey – RAAS Devigarh

Go on… and book your suite right here!



  1. I love the concept of Heritage stays in India. I booked a number of them when I was last there, but I missed this! It looks perfect. I guess that I will just have to go back……


  2. Wow the hotel looks great! I think it’s best way to get a feel of royalty in India of 18th century! What is the room rent in peak season here?

    (Ambuj Saxena )


  3. Cannot wait to visit here when I come to India, great post with beautiful photos and information.Udaipur looks so gorgeous.


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