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Traveling Abroad With kids! – Some handy tips

IMG_20151109_141700The very basic and important part of all family trips!

This comes from our very own experience with my not even one year old daugther then! The journey begins very much from home itself 🙂 It takes lot of concentration and focus of what not to carry and what to carry with you! Can’t stuff-on everything together and make yourself too heavily burdened all the way!

Here comes some very handy tips!

1.) So your calendar is hitting on.. near about just a 10 days to go! Calm down sit-back. chill and pen- down the very basics of your own things firstly. Sort them out. Ready your own travel bag, cases, weather-friendly clothes ! and all other essentials!

2.) Baby Food – Keep Formula or ready to make cereals with you! Inflight food is Ok. They do keep options of cerelac etc but it’s always good to keep your own ones. Don’t forget the dispenser for formula otherwise you would get more messy! Water can be managed inflight so no worries. Few Basic munching things all the way will help in having smooth flight with kids!

3.) Medicines, Pacifiers & Food bowl  – Keep some basic medicines along ! for colic, pain and fever etc. pacifier and bowl etc.

4.) Entertainment- Keep some games along-  Her favorite ones ! If handy! or think of something and carry along believe me its really important to keep them engaged!

5.) Ear Plugs and baby Headrest – If you want to!!

4.) Clothes – Keep them separately in the different parts! So its easy to manage when you reach to your destination. Keep some basic essentials in handbag for inflight use separately.

4.) Keep your stroller or pram along!! the very must for all till 4 years i believe!

5.) Don’t panic if you have forgotten anything home! everything is available everywhere unless its some secluded uninhabited island!


Stay Positive.. Calm and Happy!




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