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Off beat Trip to Paris

Are you looking out for new and unheard options with not so planned way of roaming in Paris?

So here it comes!

Some important points before you pack your bags for Paris firstly and foremost thing to remember – ‘Beware of pic-pocketes’. This lesson comes from our own personal experience at one of the major metro stations of Paris.

Secondly – Don’t ever keep everything in same bag or luggage like Passports, Currencies or other imp documents. Always keep your handbag in strong hold of yours while traveling or commuting by metros routes. Its really very risky out there.

The beauty of Paris is very mesmerizing but do not let that take over the conscious mind out of you!!

Some offbeat Tracks :

1. RUE DES ROSIERS-  The most Jewish street in Paris with Authentic food and Bakeries  The rue des Rosiers is situated in the Marais. The name of the street means “street of the rosebushes“. Between rue Malher and rue Vieille du Temple, the 380 metre-long street is the main thoroughfare of the Jewish quarter. Welcome to “the Pletzl” (Yiddish for little place)!
Spend some time here:
Image result for RUE DES ROSIERS


Hidden corners on the Île de la Cité (4th arrondissement)
  • The ship-shaped island is the historical heart of Paris  which was known as Lutetia (Lutèce) during the Roman era. With its banks on the River Seine, it contributes to the romantic atmosphere of Paris, particularly when seen from Pont des Arts or Pont de la Tournelle.
Image result for the île de la cité

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