The ultimate Beaches and Lakes Goa

Sweet Lake Near Paliem Beach

Paliem Beach (sometimes referred to as Kalacha Beach) is a tiny cove that nestles between Keri beach to the north and Arambol Beach to the south. It is accessible from both by foot, though the walk from Keri is longer and a little more challenging. The beach is not accessible by road.

Behind the Beach you find a fresh water lake (Sweet Lake), the water is a mixture of fresh water and sea water. The Lake is well known for its ‘cleansing mud’ that can be found around it.

The beautiful fresh water lake has a discernible magic to it, Just across the sand, the rougher sea crashes onto a rock studded beach, and dolphins can sometimes be seen on the horizon.

Strong winds during the main season make it a significant location for sports, like Paragliding and Kite Surfing.

Enclosed between low hills hide a spectacular Banyan tree in the jungle. Right before the banyan tree there is a stone sculpture created by an American.The Money Stone – has become a pilgrimage destination – Give if you can

How to get there: Head to the north side of the Arambol Beach where the spindly rocks mark the headland and follow a path around the shacks, stalls and cafes to Sweet Lake and Paliem Beach

Paliem sweet lake

There are a limited number of huts on Paliem beach, and if you plan to stay here it may be worth trying to arrange a place early, so you have time to find a room in nearby Arambol if it is all booked out. Since the walk is short, it is feasible to come over from Arambol beach every day, if you should so wish.


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