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Serene Querim Beach – North Goa

Come to this peaceful stretch of coastline, away from the busier parts of India, to relax under tall pine trees and see some remarkable Goan buildings.

Located at a distance of 30 kilometres from Mapusa and boasting of natural beauty, Keri Beach, also known as Querim Beach is popularly known as a sea shore marvel. Since this white sandy beach is not commercialized and offers a quiet, peaceful environment.

It has a backdrop of lofty casuarina trees, as opposed to the ubiquitous coconut palm found growing along the coastline of most of Goa’s beaches. A long strip of sand is interrupted by jagged red rocks and headland on the south side, and the Tiracol (or Arondem) river to the north.

There are shacks on the beach as usual and they provide beverages , cocktail and good food. The unique thing about this beach is you can view hill on one side and sea on another where we stand in a small strip of shore.

Walk over to the Terekhol River, which flows out into the sea just beyond the row of trees. In nearby Querim village is the Terekhol River Crossing, a ferry service which can take you from the Sindhudurg District to North Goa. Just across the river is the 17th-century Terekhol Fort, which has been converted into a hotel. From its rooms you can enjoy splendid views of the Arabian Sea.

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