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Lively Goa

A quaint English pub with a Goan twist!

Café Mojo Pub & Bistro was founded in 2012 by MRG Hospitality Group and Group Shiv Samarth with the intention of establishing a watering hole that was cozy and homely and offered delicious food, great music and the best beer.

Silent Noise Palolem Beach Goa

Famous for its headphone parties, its located at the end of Palolem beach. A different experience. Must Try!


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Love Passion Karma

Sculpted terracotta statues all around, and an incredible waterfront with a 400-year old Indo Portugese church in the backdrop, LPK at Nerul is everything it promises to be, and more. It is the most exotic location in Goa and boasts opulence from the moment you step foot.

You can take long walks along the water and revel in the riverside romance or dance the night away to the latest hits on LPK’s specially sculpted indoor dance floor. If you need a break from the noise, you can step outside onto the deck, take in the breathtaking beauty and sip on their innovative concoctions and shooters.

What i like most here? the  lit-up “Love Passion Karma”, over the glistening water.



  1. I love the idea of silent parties! would be interesting to be in one. I mean, if you see a crowd just jumping and dancing and shouting without you hearing any music, you’d be curious as well and join in. Fun!

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  2. Goa is one of my favourite destinations, as it has a bit of everything. I had heard about these silent parties but never got the chance attend one.Loos like there is something the cards now.


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