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Local Wines – Goa

Raise a Toast to Local Wines of Goa

Raise a toast to local wine of Goa –

  1. Bigbanwines  –Big Banyan wines the happy, sunshiny shores of Goa. All the mirth, all the joy and … The place offers a heady mix of local Indian culture and the centuries of colonial charm. Try out the Local Wines and other spirits!
  2. Café de Goa – Calangute- Open year round and occupying an airy outdoor patio, Cafe de Goa is a true gem amidst the otherwise hectic and often over crowded Northern beach belt. . Here you can find a wide array of local organic produce, select wines, handmade pickles, jams and jellies along with an assortment of artisanal crafts.
  3. Cazulo Premium Feni – The not to be Missed on Goa – Locally produced liquor, feni is only manufactured in Goa and made from either cashew or coconut. In recent years, Goan bars and pubs have started using this indigenous liquor to create uniquely flavoured cocktails, as well as in creating modern Goan food. Feni is best enjoyed with chilled soda, lime and a pinch of salt to enhance the natural flavours.

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